m: So you are gordon steward northcot its going to be easier if you talk

j: I wont talk

m: Were you living in the hen house  (silence) answer

j: yeah thats my house use since 1910

m: And were you living whit someone?

j: No! why? well… yes, whit my nephew

m : I do the questions here. is this your axe?

j: no

m:  Gordon we have profs, it will be easier if you dont lie

j: yes, thats my axe, its my favorite one

m: What do you use for? do you have more?

j : chop trees, i have 3 or 4 more, they a re very sharp

m: anything else? related to the murder someone

j: maybe

M: for goodness say tell  me the true

j: I raped 24 kids, and i chopped 4 , and i enjoy it, i made them cry and scream , it was so funny

m: so you confess you chopped them?

j: no, i tell something, maybe it isn’t the true

m: did you rape them?

j: no, well only some of them

m: as you go to the jail, do you like that?

j: yes

m: better, we will hug you

j:ok i confess i killed the boys

m. how many

j. only 4 but that i enjoyed  so much i rape them as you know, every night i choose 1 or 2 to give me pleasure

m: and the others?

j: i left them go they  run to the forest, i guess them now lost, crossing my house   is the only way to get the city, and they, and they go to the oposite direction

m: why did you left them go?

j: my mother, she come to visit me, so i left them go

m: did your mother do something

j. yes she chopped one of them his name was Walter. i kidnaped him, he thought was going to ride horses jajajaja

m: times up. Thanks



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