vampire diary

dear diary

I had been hunting at last days in the city Pennsylvania. Yesterday I was at home very hungry and I do not hold  , and i had to go out and hunt

My first victim was a man who was very close to my house had a bum sleeping and attack, but i was seen by a person a woman was watching me I had to pursue very far until you suck all the blood . the next day is watching TV Overhead and came out who had killed two people , I had to leave immediately to another city to continue my life.



crime and criminal description

Type of crime: kidnape  rape and murderer

Criminal: Gordon Stewart Northcott

Detective: Sanford clark

Victims: 24 kids

Motive: He was pedophile

Dates crime: 1928-1930

Place: Winevilles hen hause

sentencing: death they hung him

criminal  biography

Birth: 9 november 1906 in Canada

Family information: The mother killed children and the father was a farmer

Occupation: Farmer

Turning point in his life: At his adolescence he developed pedophile

Conviction and death: death by hunting the 2nd october 1930

detective biography

Birth: March 1 1913

Traces: clothe and chopped bodies.



m: So you are gordon steward northcot its going to be easier if you talk

j: I wont talk

m: Were you living in the hen house  (silence) answer

j: yeah thats my house use since 1910

m: And were you living whit someone?

j: No! why? well… yes, whit my nephew

m : I do the questions here. is this your axe?

j: no

m:  Gordon we have profs, it will be easier if you dont lie

j: yes, thats my axe, its my favorite one

m: What do you use for? do you have more?

j : chop trees, i have 3 or 4 more, they a re very sharp

m: anything else? related to the murder someone

j: maybe

M: for goodness say tell  me the true

j: I raped 24 kids, and i chopped 4 , and i enjoy it, i made them cry and scream , it was so funny

m: so you confess you chopped them?

j: no, i tell something, maybe it isn’t the true

m: did you rape them?

j: no, well only some of them

m: as you go to the jail, do you like that?

j: yes

m: better, we will hug you

j:ok i confess i killed the boys

m. how many

j. only 4 but that i enjoyed  so much i rape them as you know, every night i choose 1 or 2 to give me pleasure

m: and the others?

j: i left them go they  run to the forest, i guess them now lost, crossing my house   is the only way to get the city, and they, and they go to the oposite direction

m: why did you left them go?

j: my mother, she come to visit me, so i left them go

m: did your mother do something

j. yes she chopped one of them his name was Walter. i kidnaped him, he thought was going to ride horses jajajaja

m: times up. Thanks

Godlike report

Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek divine hero Heracles, who was the son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous adventures. Hercules is the roman name but in Greek he is called “Heracles”. He is called Hercules because they say it’s better. Hercules is a character from the Ancient Greco-Roman mythology. He is the son of Zeus, the king of Ancient Greco-Roman gods, and the mortal Alecmena. When his wife, Hera, found out, she went insane and summoned a pair of snakes to kill baby Hercules. Hercules, however, being strong even as a baby, crushed the snakes with his bare hands. When he got older, he left Olympus to live among the mortals. However, in order to prove himself worthy of being the people’s champoion, he had to perform twelve tasks. He suceeded in all of the tasks, and the legend says he remains as a savior to all Ancient Greco-Roman people.


Our first blogging

Dear john

I what to tell you of that i written of the school in a homework , how are you, i am fine , how  was your vacations. I were to brazil it was so funny. haw was your school in USA.

how is the experience in USA,  you go to other part in  your vacations do you likeed?

i wont to invite you to come to chile in the others vacations, i hope that you come to chile we will have very good time

how is your school in usa is difficult? well here is a little difficult

you can  send me photos of the city because i want to know it and And I you sending photos of chile

Dont forget to write me

your friend joaquim Flag-Pins-Chile-USA